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"Sunday" at 10 months

Welcome to Hope & Dreams Quarter Horses (HDQH), a small farm located in Central Texas. The dream of HDQH is to join the movement to preserve the old blood lines by breeding what are now called "Foundation Bred American Quarter Horses". HDQH is also the companion site to The Right Lead, a monthly horse related magazine column, and The Right Lead On-Line, a Q&A Horse Forum and Message Board and where the monthly columns are archived.

Over the years, people have asked about the horses mentioned so often in my columns and posts so I though it would be fun to have a place where folks could come meet them. I also wanted to share a love of pedigree research, starting with the horses who share our home with us and working back to the foundation sires, quarter horse and thoroughbred. In Pedigrees, you'll find Gryphon, American Quarter Horse Association QHX (means appendix certificate), and the foundation girls, Hope and Sunday. Hope and Sunday have multiple registrations: American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), National Foundation Quarter Horse Association (NFQHA), and the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry (FQHR).

Pedigrees includes both quarter horse and thoroughbred blood lines and one line from the Arabian Horse Registry for someone extra special, JLR Kasov. Kasov is a full blood Polish Arabian who has lived on this property for 27 of his 30 years and who tolerates the rest of us with an endearing grace and dignity. Even though Kasov is not a QH, he is a beloved member of our family and his wonderful lineage and story will be included here too.

Also on the Pedigree's page is a complete listing of all the winners of the Kentucy Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes, as well as the horses inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame.

I've included a page for many of the horse poems and famous quotes that have been sent to me or I've found through research or accident. I've started with my favorite, The Horsewoman's Prayer, and I'll add to these pages frequently so keep checking for updates.

"Our Stories" is a page for all of us. I'd like to include submitted horse stories and anecdotes. The stories can be funny, sad, happy, educational, or just what made you realize you had to have horses

in your life. They're your stories and mine. I'd like to display the stories that have the greatest impact- either emotional, comical, or educational, on a round robin basis so send yours in by sending it in text format to HDQH e-mail, and start checking back within two months.

We have more than horses here, we share our lives with dogs, cats, and a flock of Barbado sheep. As soon as possible I'll have pictures posted - they really are a mixed crew and I think you'll enjoy them.

We've incorporated a little bit of fun into this site as well. Hidden in the various pages are Easter Eggs! So far there is at least one or two - hmmmm, could be three! I hope to have approximately 15 - maybe more soon. The only hint I can give is it's a symbol you may have seen recently. Got it? Happy hunting!

Enjoy your time at HDQH, I'm glad you came by. Please check out our sister site, The Right Lead, and participate in the Q&A. It's for horse related questions, advice, tips, horse related links, informing others of great web sites, or books/videos you'd like to recommend. All disciplines, all levels of experience, all ages, and breeds are welcome here.

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